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Dennis Rodwell
Architect and Planner
Publications, 2000 onwards
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Publications, 2000 onwards

Selected list of publications, 2000 onwards


Conservation and Sustainability in Historic Cities, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, 2007.

Articles in World Heritage Review (UNESCO, Paris)
'Industrial World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom', December 2002.

'Dubrovnik, Pearl of the Adriatic', December 2004

'City of Bath: A masterpiece of town planning'. October 2005

‘Zamość: The sustainable management of Poland’s Ideal Renaissance City’, October 2007. 

Chapter in Managing Historic Cities, World Heritage  Papers 27
(UNESCO, Paris, 2010)

    ‘Historic Urban Landscapes: Concept and Management’.
  Paris panorama
Chapter in On the Waterfront (English Heritage, London, 2008)

    ‘Planning Systems: Do they fit the current needs of Historic Port Cities?’

Papers in Journal of Architectural Conservation (Donhead Publishing, Shaftesbury, England)   
  • ‘The World Heritage Convention and the Exemplary Management of Complex Heritage Sites’, November 2002.
  • ‘Sustainability and the Holistic Approach to the Conservation of Historic Cities’, March 2003.
  • ‘Approaches to Urban Conservation in Central and Eastern Europe’, July 2003.
  • ‘Asmara, Eritrea: Conservation and Development in a Historic City’, November 2004.
  • ‘Managing Historic Cities: The Management Plans for the Bath and Edinburgh World Heritage Sites’, July 2006.

  • ‘Urban Regeneration and the Management of Change: Liverpool and the Historic Urban Landscape’, July 2008.
Papers in The Historic Environment: Policy and Practice (Maney Publications) 

    ‘Comparative  approaches to urban conservation in Central and Eastern Europe’, November 2010.
  Sibiu, Romania

  Zamość, Poland

 'The UNESCO World Heritage Convention, 1972-2012: Reflections and Directions' April 2012.

Florence, Italy

Regensburg, Germany

Articles in Context (journal of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, UK) 

'Climate change and energy initiatives in Scotland', July 2010. 


  Falkirk Wheel

    ‘Celebrating Scotland's 20th century heritage’, March 2011.
  Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh 

   'Rethinking heritage', November 2012
  Mann Island development, Liverpool

Conference reports in Context: 
  • The historic city in Europe’ (Entretiens du Patrimoine, Paris,Ville d’hier, ville d’aujourd’hui en Europe), June 2000.
  • ‘Balance and involvement in a World Heritage City’ (Edinburgh World Heritage, Urban Pride, Living and Working in a World Heritage City), December 2000.
  • ‘From accolade to responsibility’ (Organisation of World Heritage Cities, Managing Urban World Heritage Cities – The Way Ahead, Ironbridge), November 2002.
  • ‘The values of World Heritage’ (Ironbridge Institute and others, World Heritage: Global Challenges and Local Solutions), July 2006.
  • ‘Urban conservation in an age of globalisation’ (lecture by Francesco Bandarin, The Urban Conservation Predicament in the Age of Globalisation, Edinburgh), November 2006.
  • ‘Managing change in historic urban landscapes’ (UNESCO Saint Petersburg regional conference on historic urban landscapes), March 2007.
  • ‘From globalisation to localisation’ (INTBAU, History, Heritage and Regeneration: the future for traditional architecture in Central and Eastern Europe, Sibiu), March 2008.
  • ‘Signs of a revitalised, more relevant, ICOMOS’ (ICOMOS General Assembly, Finding the Spirit of Place, Quebec City), November 2008.
  • ‘Good manners for a recession’ (IHBC London branch, Tall Storeys), November 2008.
  • ‘Chequered histories and distinctive futures’ (English Heritage and others, On the Waterfront, Liverpool), March 2009.
  • Conservation in a changing climate’ (Association Nationale des Architectes des Bâtiments de France, Bordeaux), May 2009.
  • ‘Historic cities in a globalising world’ (10th Cambridge Heritage Seminar, The Future of Historic Cities), July 2009.
  • ‘The heroic age of urban conservation’ (Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland + DoCoMoMo, Mirror of Modernity: the post-war revolution in urban conservation, Edinburgh), September 2009.
  • ‘Historic cities and sustainable urban development’ (ICOMOS-CIVVIH Valletta), May 2010.
  • ‘Culture and crisis’ (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) ‘Amphictyony’, Cultural Policy and Local Government, Chios), September 2010.
  • ‘Visual integrity of historic urban landscapes’ (Heritage as Opportunity (HerO), Vilnius), September 2010.
  • ‘Symposium in Buyeo’ (2010 Great Baekje World Festival International Symposium, Buyeo, Korea), December 2010.  
  • World heritage and the world’s resources’ (BTU Cottbus, World Heritage and Sustainable Development), September 2011.
  • ‘Reconciling conservation and development’ (Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development + German Commission for UNESCO, Quality control and conflict management at World Heritage Sites, Bamberg), November 2011.
  • 'The historic capital of our cities' (Federal Ministry of  Transport, Building and Urban Development, The Heritage of the City: Europe's future, Berlin), March 2012.
  • 'Valuing Places: why, what and how?' (The Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) congress, Edinburgh), March 2012. 
  • 'Discourses of opportunity' (British Council and the University of Edinburgh, Sustainability and the City: Global Policy Dialogue), July 2012.
  • A new spin on creative industry' (Georg Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Studies, Berlin, Cities and Change and Challenge), July 2012. 
  • 'An anchor in an age of crisis' (UNESCO, Republic of Belarus and others, Niasvizh, World Heritage Properties: Conservation and Use for Sustainable Development), September 2012. 
Publications relating to the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site 
  • Nomination of the Derwent Valley Mills for inscription on the World Heritage List, The Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, June 2000 (co-drafting and editing).
  • Derwent Valley Mills Management Plan, Consultation Draft, July 2000, Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, July 2000 (co-drafting and editing); revised for adoption June 2003.
  • Darley Abbey & Park to Derby Silk Mill – Part of the Derwent Valley Mills nominated World Heritage Site, visitor leaflet, Derby, May 2001; revised edition, August 2002.
  • Darley Abbey Conservation Area Appraisal, Consultative Draft, Derby, October 2001; revised for publication, June 2003.
  • The Derwent Valley Mills and their Communities, Derwent Valley Mills Partnership (ed. Charlton, Dr Christopher),December 2001 (research, co-drafting and editing).
Miscellaneous articles 
  • ‘Embracing Sustainability’ in Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland Newsletter, AHSS, Edinburgh, autumn 2008.
  • ‘Urban morphology, historic urban landscapes and the management of historic cities’, in Urban Morphology, International Seminar on Urban Form, April 2009.
  • ‘Visual integrity in Historic cities versus Economic Development’, European College of Culture, Lublin, 2010.
  • ‘Urban Conservation in the 1960s and 1970s: A European Overview’ in Architectural Heritage XXI, Edinburgh University Press, 2011.
  • ‘Managing Historic Cities’ in Muinsuskaitseraamat 2010 (National Heritage Book 2010), National Heritage Board, Tallinn, 2011.
Hampton on Thames                                                Rome                                                                  Tallinn panorama                   
  • ‘Theory and Practice in Sustainable Urban Development’ in Historic Environment, vol 23, no 1 (special edition Historic Cities), ICOMOS Australia, 2011.
  • ‘World Heritage: Beacon for Sustainable Urban Development?’, Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus, 2011 (proceedings published by IAWHP e.V., 2013)
  • ‘Evaluations and Recommendations of UNESCO and ICOMOS for the Conservation of Historic Cities’ in Ochrona Dziedzictwa Kulturowego i Materialnego Pogranicza (Protection of Cultural and Material Heritage of the Borderlands), National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, Lublin, 2011.
  • 'The Celebration and Protection of Scotland's Twentieth Century Heritage', in Architektura & Urbanizmus, Bratislava, June 2012. Updated and re-published in MoMo World Scotland 2013, Edinburgh, February 2013.
                                                            St Benedict's, Drumchapel, Glasgow

  • 'The Social Aspect of Urban Revitalisation', in Biuletyn Informacyjny, PKN ICOMOS, Warsaw, October 2012.
Editorial Board Member

•   The Historic Environment: Policy and Practice, Maney Publishing

Guest Editor

•   Context 129, 'Scotland's built heritage' edition, May 2013, IHBC.

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