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Dennis Rodwell
Architect and Planner
Urban regeneration and sustainable urban development
Historic buildings and their settings
World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom
Contemporary buildings
Historic building restoration and housing rehabilitation
Working museum
Roman archaeology
Developer and property manager
Project initiation
Industrial heritage
Urban regeneration and sustainable urban development

New Town Conservation Committee, Scotland. Personal assistant to the interim director 1971-72. Member of the Committee 1981-84 and 1987-90. Primary responsibility of the Committee: overseeing substantial grant-aid programme for inner city conservation and regeneration projects.
Recognition: Europa Nostra Medal of Honour 1987; Europa Nostra Diploma of Merit 1987-88.

                        Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia                                                                                                   Gdansk, Poland

The Revitalisation of World Heritage Cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Overarching assignments on behalf of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and Division of Cultural Heritage, 1999 onwards. Objective: to research and report on the existence and effectiveness of mechanisms of protection and advise on the sustainable management of historic cities across the region; also, relevant extension to the management of historic cities in other continents and regions of the world. Initial research visit encompassed 12 cities in 8 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Follow-ups have embraced cities across the full region from the German border to the Black Sea and from the Gulf of Finland to the Adriatic. Participation in seminars, conferences, programmes and publications has extended across Western Europe, North America and Australasia. 
Primary recommendation to UNESCO and partner organisations:
The need for coherent guidance to state parties and cities, across the broad field of the sustainable management of inhabited historic cities.


Old Town Revitalisation Agency, Lithuania. Assignments on behalf of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Paris, 1999. Objective: to support and promote the potential of the Vilnius Old Town Revitalisation Agency and to advance the international funding programme. Outcomes: new national legislation; improvements in national and municipal coordination; capacity-building amongst professionals and administrators; enhancement of technical advice and implementation of live projects.


Consultant to the city of Sibiu, Romania, together with ministries of the Romanian government in partnership with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (
Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit: GTZ), 2002 onwards. Responsible for advising on and promoting the revitalisation of the historic centre and a national strategy for urban rehabilitation. The revitalisation programme for Sibiu is widely regarded as a model for the Central and East European region. It has contributed to the success of the Sibiu as one of the most prosperous cities in Romania, including as European Capital of Culture 2007. 


Consultant to the city of Asmara, Eritrea, and the Eritrean government in partnership with the World Bank, 2004 onwards. Responsible for coordinating a multitude of local and central government departments and specialist international consultants – including in urban planning, traffic and transport, housing, and socio-economic development – articulating the strategy for the master plan for the city, and drafting and agreeing the integrated over-arching urban planning and building conservation guidelines for the 1890s to 1930s core of 
‘Africa’s secret Modernist City’.                                           



UNESCO historic urban landscapes initiative. Rapporteur to the UNESCO regional conference at Saint Petersburg (January/February 2007), the workshop held at the ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec (September/October 2008), and the planning meeting at UNESCO headquarters in Paris (November 2008). Outcome: 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape. Associated publication: chapter 10, ‘Historic Urban Landscapes: Concept and Management’ in Managing Historic Cities, World Heritage Papers 27, UNESCO, Paris 2010.

Kelso Square 1969                                                   Kelso Square 2011
Farmers' Market 2011                              St James' Fair 2011                          
Project Officer, Kelso Townscape Heritage Initiative, Scotland. Responsible for managing the multi-faceted town centre regeneration programme comprising: grants to property owners; enhancement works and public art in the public realm (streets and public spaces); commissioning procedures for a gap site building; designing a three-year Discover Kelso education and training programme, engaging with the community and academic researchers to promote and maximise local through to international awareness of the town’s history and heritage; and designing a three-year Building Watch initiative directed at establishing a long-term proactive, preventative approach to the maintenance of buildings in Kelso through the development of a tool-kit for property owners and an accessible skills base of building professionals and traditional building crafts.

Consultant under the Council of Europe / European Union Joint Programme "Community-Led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns" (COMUS). Responsible for supporting the town of Soroca, Republic of Moldova, in the drafting of Preliminary Technical Assistance and the selection and preparation of Feasibility Studies; September 2016 to February 2017.

Soroca, Moldova

Consultant to GIZ (Deutsche Geselleschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), Eschborn, Germany. Responsible for providing technical assistance to the conceptual project 'Urban Heritage in Conflict Regions', focused on International Law and Conventions Concerning Urban Cultural Heritage in Post-Conflict Situations; November to December 2017.
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