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Dennis Rodwell
Architect and Planner
Urban regeneration and sustainable urban development
Historic buildings and their settings
World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom
Contemporary buildings
Historic building restoration and housing rehabilitation
Working museum
Roman archaeology
Developer and property manager
Project initiation
Industrial heritage
Historic buildings and their settings

The Conservation of Monuments in the ‘Ancient Reserve’, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Consultancy assignment on behalf of the UNESCO Division of Cultural Heritage, 2002. Objective: evaluation, coordination and finalisation of UNESCO/Japanese Trust Fund project proposal for the restoration and sustainable reuse of derelict town mansion houses. Outcome: agreement of funding with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo; project implementation. 



Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
. Rapporteur to the international conference held under the UNESCO/Bolshoi Project, 2003. Objective: the conservation and upgrading of the Bolshoi Theatre. Outcome: definition of project and site implementation of major programme of refurbishment and restoration 2005 to 2010. 


The ARCH Foundation and the Conservation of Monuments on the island of Lopud, off Dubrovnik, Croatia. Consultancy assignment on behalf of the UNESCO Division of Cultural Heritage, 2003. Objective: evaluation of projects proposed by HI&RH The Archduchess Francesca von Habsburg for the restoration and contemporary reuse of a number of Renaissance monuments. Outcome: agreement of project for the Franciscan Monastery with the national and local authorities and implementation on site. 
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