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Dennis Rodwell
Architect and Planner
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Publications, pre-2000
Selected list of publications, pre-2000
Chapters in Books
  • ‘Conservation legislation’, in Architectural Conservation in Europe (ed. Cantacuzino, Sherban), Architectural Press, 1975.
  • ‘The French Connection – The significance for Edinburgh of conservation policies in the Marais, Paris’, in Civilising the City – Quality or Chaos in Historic Towns (ed. Harrison, Patrick), Nic Allen, 1990.
  • ‘Stone cleaning in urban conservation’, Stone Cleaning (ed. Webster, Robin), Donhead, 1992.
Miscellaneous articles 
  • ‘Will Venice become just a city?’, The Daily Telegraph, July 14, 1973.
  • ‘Edinburgh lessons in conservation’, The Daily Telegraph, August 27, 1973.
  • ‘Conservation legislation – A European survey’, in European Heritage (ed. Sir James Richards), Issue Five, Phoebus Publishing Company, 1975.
  • ‘Sinclair’s calm oasis’ (Thurso, Caithness), Country Life, December 9, 1982.
  • ‘What does one do with a dilapidated pigeon coop?’ (Melrose Station, Melrose), Scottish Field, August 1986.
  • ‘Working together – A multi-craft commission in Jedburgh’ (Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre), Craftwork, autumn 1987.
  • ‘What about the children?’ (priorities in urban conservation: Edinburgh and historic cities in France), Context, September 1991.
  • ‘Civilising town centres’ (conference report, Saltire Society, Civilising Town Centre Traffic), Context, September 1992.
  • ‘Urban Villages Report’ (book review, The Urban Villages Report), Context, September 1992.
  • ‘A kind of revolution’ (exhibition review, Monumental Reputation: Robert Adam and the Emperor’s Palace), RSA Journal, October 1992.
  • ‘The Minto House debacle’, Context, December 1992.
  • ‘Towards the Sustainable City’ (book reviews, Shaping Britain for the 21st Century and Strategic Planning Issues for London), RSA Journal, January/February 1993.
  • ‘Making Cities’ (book reviews, The City Shaped and The City Assembled), RSA Journal, July 1993.
  • ‘Convenience of location’ (book review, Vital and Viable Town Centres: Meeting the Challenge), RSA Journal, January/February 1995. 
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